About Team SEALs

Navy SEAL Gaming clan


  • SEALWARFARE was founded on February 22, 2008. The start of this team hit the gaming community by storm. Recruiting in the early time of this team made a smashing impact as new and elite players joining this elite team showed their skills and smashing talents in the online gaming community. Starting off by playing many shooter games, SEALWARFARE landed itself into the Americas Army game which is the official video game of the United States Army. The SEALWARFARE Web-Site was created to be more realistic than other gaming teams/clan sites. It's Inspired by the awesome looks that the acual U.S. Navy SEALs Web-Site has WWW.SEALSWCC.COM. Special Thanks To SEALSWCC for allowing SEALWARFARE Gaming to use images. WWW.SEALWARFARE.COM is a gaming team and not an official military Web-Site.


We play alot of FPS Games, but we mostly play America's Army Proving Grounds PC Version and PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS.


Team SEALs is a growing gaming community. Our mission is to keep growing and improving our team. We love our gaming and conquer the cheaters.


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